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Seven Summits in 172 days speed record – Indian Malli Mastan Babu

Indian Malli Mastans speed record: seven summits in 172 days both versions in 281

“Seven Summit” final? Indian 172, Canadian 187, Swede 191

Canadian claims 7summits world record – but malli was faster

Andhra Pradesh Mountaineer set to enter record books

Malli climbed peaks in 172 days

Malli Mastan Babu – Conqueror of World’s greatest peaks

IIM C Alumnus chucks cushy jobs to climb Mt. Everest

Mastan Babu: Conqueror of World’s highest peaks

Andhra Pradesh Mountaineer set to enter record books

Fastest Seven Summiter in the World Malli Mastan Babu Felicitated - 8/29/2006 Mastan Babu conquers Mountain Peaks

On a mission to conquer peaks

“The incredible feat of Malli Mastan Babu will inspire millions of our youth. On behalf of Sir Edmund Hillary, I send you our hearty congratulations”
Senator John Kerry (US Presidential candidate, 2004) presents “Outstanding Youth of the Year Award” to Malli
  Malli’s Chapter : “An audacious Odyssey of Malli’s 7 summits that unfolded...
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